Confirmation Preparation Ministry at St. Jude

Reverend Charles Burton, Pastor


St. Jude Catholic Church

930 Ashland Terrace
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Office: (423) 870-2386


Confirmation is one of the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Candidates must be first baptized before receiving the Confirmation. You can only receive the Sacrament of Confirmation once: this sacrament marks the seal of Holy Spirit in one's soul. The matter of this sacrament is the Chrism Oil, consecrated on Holy Thursday by the bishop. Normally it's the bishop who has the right to confirm his faithful. As the name suggests, this sacrament is meant to make you "firm" in your life as a Catholic.

All high school students in Grades 9-12 who are not confirmed are encouraged to register for Confirmation classes. All Confirmation candidates must complete the Emergency Information and Medical form to assure any emergency is correctly handled. For more detailed description of the class requirements for Confirmation please see Overview of Confirmation Program.

Parish students in Grade 10 or higher will be confirmed in the spring. This class meets every two weeks September-May. See the Confirmation Schedule or bulletin for time, date and location. Register using the Confirmation form online or on the table in the church vestibule. All students and at least one parent must attend Confirmation orientation. See the bulletin for time, date and location. There are two mandatory retreats for Confirmation one at the prior to the start of classes and one prior to Confirmation. Register using the Retreat form online or on the table in the church vestibule. Catholic Youth Bibles can be ordered for any confirmation candidates at a cost of $20. Each candidate is required to write a letter to the Pastor and a letter to the Bishop requesting they be confirmed. Each sponsor is also required to write a letter to the Pastor. Each candidate needs to perform a service for his family, the church and the community and report on it in the Candidate Service Record.

  Confirmation Information & Forms
  Emergency Info. & Medical form
    Overview of Confirmation Program
  Confirmation Schedule
  Confirmation form
    Retreat form
    Catholic Youth Bibles
  Candidate letter to the Pastor
  Candidate letter to the Bishop
  Candidate Service Record
  Sponsor Registration Form
  Sponsor letter to the Pastor

Contact Kevin and Stephanie Gabor via email or phone 847-6791.